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    I have a Plantronics Voyager 510S paired with my palm. If I try to listen to Audible files, it defaults to the speaker. If I install a headset into the 2.5mm jack it goes through there. No sound is coming out of my headset unless I'm on the phone.

    Is there anyway to pipe the Audible sound to the headset?
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    You need a bluetooth headset that comes with a bluetooth dongle that plugs into the Treo 2.5 mm audio jack such as a Scala 500 or similar. Or a stereo bluetooth headset with a bt dongle that will plug into the Treo 2.5 mm jack.

    The Treo will not send anything but the phone app thru bluetooth.

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    Yep, the Treo does not support the A2DP bluetooth profile needed for this to happen.
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    Well this sounds like a software issue rather than hardware... Anyone able write an app for this?
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    Not really. This is a bluetooth 1.2 feature and I really doubt anyone's going to be able to hack a 1.2 BT stack onto the Treo 650. I won't say it is impossible but the challenge seems waaaaaay high.

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