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    I have had this happen three times lately...

    My phone starts ringing and I don't answer it -- and it keeps on ringing until I do a soft reset.

    What would cause that?

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    I'd contact my carrier because it should roll over to your voice mail, assuming you've set up voice mail on your account.

    I would start there before entertaining a hard reset.

    Good Luck
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    I had that happen once just last week. The phone kept ringing without going to voicemail. I couldn't answer it or do anything else. The only thing to do was a reset. Oddest part was, on the display at the very top where you'd normally see a dialed phone number, was a series of 8888888888888888888888888's right across the screen. I wondered if, somehow, the 8 button got held down in the case and that caused the malfunction. I haven't tried to repeat the error and it hasn't happened again.

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