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    I confirmed a missing contact problem with the T650. Missing from basic contact app and Agendus.

    Odd thing is, I found the contact listed in my call log from a month ago, and it appears as though it is a contact... ie. Joe Schmoe (M) (123) 555-6789, without the option to "add contact".

    This is not the first time this has happened, I just thought I was nuts the last few times it happened for contacts I could swear I previously added.

    Any ideas?

    I'd think this looks like a database corruption problem or something.
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    Check to see if it didn't accidentally get changed to a private record. This has started happening to me randomly since I started syncing with Outlook.
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    Very odd...I started off looking in Outlook, couldn't find the contact there either. I use Yahoo Address book for online access to the same contact list, couldn't locate it there...

    Low and behold, I just found at least three of the missing contacts, along with another 20 or so that I didn't notice were missing, all in the deleted items folder in Outlook...

    I've got to think that the deletion took place on the Treo somehow since I wouldn't have deleted them knowingly from Outlook or Yahoo.

    Maybe the contacts were put in the deleted items folder of Outlook after a previous sync? Hmmm.

    Well at least it doesn't look like a corrupt database.

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