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    I'm looking for an app that will present a QWERTY touch keyboard (like the SMS keyboard) on screen for typing email, etc....does one exist?

    What app should I be looking for to accomodate the T600?
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    I love Fat finger its a qwerty style on screen KB with keys big enough to easily hit with the thumbs. It takes 1 day to get use to. It was the perfect companion for my kyocera 7135, treo 600 an treo 650. You set a screen to a hard button in the fatfinger configuration screen but it dosent take away that hard button, fatfinger will only come up with that hard button if the cursor is blinking in a text field.

    It adds copy paste to fields that dont have copy/paste. It also allows you to easily pull up all those special characters that are otherwise so hard to find. It is totally stable and the best darned easiest to use KB I have ever tried,,, and I have extensively used them all.

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    Heres a screen shot
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    What SMS keyboard

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