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    Now that I've gotten my original EXTREMELY buggy Treo replaced for a new one that actually doesn't just reset on it's own, I'm very happy with it. However, I've never been able to get to work as a Bluetooh modem with my Mac. I have an iBook G4 running OS X 10.3.9 and a Cingular Treo with all of the updates installed. Any help?
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    Head on over to Ross Barkman's Scripts Page and get his Generic Scripts for GPRS (you need to do a search within the page for the word "Treo" to find things quickly... the page is visually busy).

    Unstuff the scripts and copy to your <root>/Library/Modem Scripts/ directory. Then go through the Network Connection setup for bluetooth, and select the new script as the one to use. That should do the trick.

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