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    Please help...

    I installed Intellisync for Yahoo for trial. It did not or I could not get it work, so I uninstalled immediately. But, after that my perfectly functioning Treo sync does not work anymore!

    I get the following message...
    "A conflict in the installed conduits has been detected.
    This is caused when two different conduits are using the same PIM data type (e.g. Address Book vs. Contacts)."

    I will really appreciate your assistance help resolving this.

    Happy New Year everyone...
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    Same thing happened to me. I had to remove Intellisync and reinstall the Palm software. Make sure that you back up the data and remove the Palm software before reinstall.
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    gvr4wd... Thank you very much for your contribution.

    I had thought the same thing and it seems that it is the only way now.
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    I heard BAD things about intellisync.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingjunior
    I heard BAD things about intellisync.........
    Well, I got it to work (synced with Yahoo! data) but didn't work with Palm software together..... Go figure.

    Another way to copy the data from Yahoo! is to archive the Yahoo! data in Palm format and import it to Palm.
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    Just to follow up and also help others in same situation for now and in future...

    As adviced, I uninstalled Palm software and reinstalled again, it took care of the problem. It helped to get rid of that warning message that became obstacle performing synch as I used to do normally.

    Thanks to those who advised and read this posting.

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