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    Saw this @ TreoHQ. Rumor of a firmware update for all Treos in Feb. Anyone have any ideas what it will contain?
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    Blackberry Connect?
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    Quote Originally Posted by safelder
    Blackberry Connect?
    One could only hope...

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    Quote Originally Posted by safelder
    Blackberry Connect?
    That would be my bet. You cannot put EV-DO on the 650, so what would be the only upgrade that you could put on the 650 that would not inhibit 700P sales.

    Many 650 users would welcome BlackBerry Connect and I believe Palm has said previously that BlackBerry Connect would be coming out with the new models.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    4gb sd card compatibility? sdio wifi?
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    Fat 32 for the 4gb SD card would be nice, but from the publicity that has already been put out about BlackBerry Connect -- I believe that is the upgrade that will be available to 650 users for a function that will be on the 700's.
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    The thread title isn't as obvious as this one but this started over here earlier:
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    From what I have been reading Sprint, not Palm, has done a deal with RIM (Blackberry) so while Sprint phones will likely have Blackberry Connect it is much less likely for other carriers or for unbranded phones. Would be nice if everyone gets it though.
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    it's between palm and bb. read the press release

    and product homepage.
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    Chatter will have OWA in a public release soon. My boss is sick of not being able to sync anything other than the Inbox folder with his BB. I showed him the Chatter beta with several top-level folders synced and explained that Chatter has no recurring monthly fees and needs no IT support.

    Hopefully the firmware has something more than BB Connect. BT 1.2 and 4gb sd compatibility would be very nice.
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    Agreed! Who needs to pay another monthly fee if you already have Chatter?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lua
    it's between palm and bb. read the press release

    and product homepage.
    That is great. I am in China where it makes no difference so I didn't look any further than the few items that I ran across by chance. Even though it won't help me here I like to see these things happening as it is all part of progress that eventually brings benefits everywhere.

    Looks like that will be a major part of the coming upgrade. May also be why the upgrade everyone is waiting for has been delayed. Palm would rather issue an upgrade that is actually an upgrade rather than a fix.
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    All I want is my unlocked unbranded update to fix the volume and Vmail.
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    Me too !
    All these rumours the last weeks do not help.
    We actually don't need more future features,
    but fixes for the current problems.
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    Hmm, am very curious what this major update is going to bring us. On the other hand, my hope of seeing a firmware update for the ROW model any time soon has gone. I don't believe that Palm is going to release a firmware update and new one a month later...
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    BT 1.2+ would be nice if firmware-possible.
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    Assuming it is the Blackberry Connect upgrade, what is everyone's guess as to the monthly fee the providers will charge for it?
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    Yep the general consensus seems to be the need for better Bluetooth. And I agree. BT 1.1 suffers from being in Wi-Fi environments (almost everywhere these days). BT 1.2 should be standard for a premium smartphone.

    And there's always room for improvement on call clarity.
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    What is a real concern is that it said select carriers....
    where does that leave the unlocked gsm????
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    I want my voice mail indicator to tell me how many I have and more importantly I want to use programs like VoiceSignal and CallRec with my bluetooth headset.
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