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    Hello all,

    I'm planning on writing a new Treo app, I'm not going to reveal all the details now, but basically it's a file downloader with some cool features like resuming aborted downloads.

    I'm having trouble finding some information on some things though, and if they're not possible then this application might not be feasible. So here goes, Treo experts:

    1. Can two network data streams run "simultaneously"? That is, could a program running in the "background" (like Toccer, ChatterEmail, Verichat, etc) transfer data if the currently running app is transfering data? Maybe an example would be listening to a shoutcast stream, browsing the web, and receiving IMs at the same time (given that there is enough bandwidth for this).
    2. Does anyone have information on the methods software like ChatterEmail/Verichat/PTunes use for receiving data as a 'background' process?

    Thanks for the help. I've done a lot of Palm software dev in the past, but not too much with networking, and nothing with the Treo (I just got mine a few weeks ago, I love it but some of its features are lacking.. which is motivating me to write some new software to fill these gaps )
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    Yes the treo can multi thread networking connection. *** long as you use different port numbers.

    as for back ground operation, I think the program giving background service at as a process manger, and switch from it self, to the currently running application
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    I know how background operation works in theory but I wasn't sure how apps did it specifically with Palm. I think it turns out that apps like pocket tunes exploit a sound API that allows 'multithreading', and apps like Toccer just use alarms every few seconds.

    I think I can use ptunes method and download a small chunk of the file, give control back to the OS (process enqueued events), download another small chunk, etc. I have to figure out just how small these chunks should be though.

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