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    I wanna get one for use with T-Mobile. Other than shelling out the bucks, and making sure I get a GMS version thats unlocked, what do I need to do? Are there special settings/codes needed so that my TM sim card will work in the phone?

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    What answer are you looking for?

    Unlocked GSM, load in your TMobile SIM and it works. No additional settings.
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    OK, however, I have read numerous postings about problems with unbranded 650s and TM sim cards. Some folks spoke of needing SIM unlock codes, etc............I just want to make sure that when I get the phone, I wont need to jump thru hoops to get the phone to function since its NOT a T-Mobile phone...................
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    If you are talking about using a Cingular 650 and getting it unlock, then that's a different story. Cingular users that converted to TMo has posted varying experiences.

    As for using unbranded 650 GSM with TMo, you are speaking to one. I have that and no reset issues after updating the firmware.
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    I bought a locked Cingular branded GSM phone. I purchased an unlock code for 15.95.

    I then unbranded the firmware and upgraded to the latest version of unlocked GSM firmware.

    I've been using TMO for several years. I just put my SIM in and it works fine.

    No resets or lockups whatsoever. I have a loaded 650 and 2 loaded SD cards (a 1 GB and a 2 GB). Works great.

    Great thing about TMO is the service plans (for me anyways). 3,000 anytime minutes for 49.99 + unlimited internet + email for 4.99 + 500 SMS for 1.99.

    You will need:
    unlock code (unless you buy a phone already unlocked)
    update to firmware (search this forum for instructions) - a new version is out very soon, BTW.
    proxy workaround (search the t-mobile forum)

    Good luck.

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    Can you detail your steps on how to unbrand the firmware? Maybe that would help another TMo user with a Cingular Treo.

    You buy the unlock code from where?


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