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    I keep a cheap Audiovox clamshell phone that I added to my family plan to carry to sports tournaments, biking, etc. when I didn't want the Treo damaged from bouncing around in a bat bag or lugging it from event to event. Not ideal, but saves on damage to the Treo even if I am without the data apps for a while.
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    ......*realizing this won't count*.......

    My wife's Motorola T720 which comes in handy when I prefer something a bit smaller or when phone accidents are more likely like during Bike Riding or going out on my boat.

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    The only cell I use is a Treo 600. But not only do I still have a home phone, it still has a cord attached. This thing is so old the numbers are rubbed off of the buttons. And it still rings, occasionally, and always at dinner time. I've only answered it once in many, many months though. Care to take a guess at who it was?


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    Quote Originally Posted by rambo47
    ....But no one has a spare lying around?....
    Sure, some of us do. I got my Treo-650 to replace a silver Razr V3, a Blackberry 7280, and a Sony PDA. But I still have a "spare" black GSM Razr V3 (new), and an Audiovox 8500 and an Audivox 8600 (both active, both on PAYG). Yes, I "need" all of them.
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    I just took possession of my VZW V3c, for when I want a compact phone!!! it'll never take the place of my beloved Treo650, but the RAZR is sweet!!!
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    I wish sprint made it easier to have two phones with just one number. I'd love a smaller phone for goin to the bar or exercising
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    Quote Originally Posted by wymo78
    I wish sprint made it easier to have two phones with just one number. I'd love a smaller phone for goin to the bar or exercising
    I know exactly what you mean! The Treo is big and heavy. Sure, you need the size for the screen and all the features packed into it. I have no problem with the Treo's size and even appreciate that it is really pretty small to do so much. But having said that, there are times when I don't want or need all those features, and would trade them all for something tiny and light. And less expensive! That's when my SE V800 fills the bill. Plus I love flip phones. So for now I go back and forth from my V800 to my Treo 650. Ya gotta love SIM cards.
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    I'll say this much - while I am cell only (been without a landline for almost three years now), I sometimes long for the LG VX4400 that I have stashed in a kitchen cabinet - that phone had far better reception on the same Verizon network than my Treo does, in fact it was the best tri-band phone I ever had. I haven't actually resorted to using it, but there are times when I long for the radio in the VX4400 as it seems far superior to the one in my T650.
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    I'm a bit lighter when I travel. The Treo replaces my travel alarm (Treo ALarm), my laptop (e-mail / web), my Palm Vx (contacts/calculator), my phone and even my reading material (e-redaer).
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    I have a Nokia 6800. Its smaller but still retireves e-mail(pop access) and makes texting easy.

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