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    I have a Treo 650 on Cingular. My wife has an LG phone on Verizon. When she sends me SMS messages, sometimes I get them, sometimes I don't. I'm trying to figure out why this is.

    My theories so far:

    1. Sending SMS across carriers is unreliable.

    2. She happens to be sending them at the exact time my Treo is doing a scheduled email pickup, so they can't get through, and the network never tries to re-send them.

    Can someone who is a bit more knowledgeable about text messaging give me their take on this?
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    Im not more knowledgeable but on sprint, if I send an sms and I can't connect to the network (i.e. not in an area where I can get vision) then the sms gets sent automatically when I get back into a coverage area.

    It might not be your cingular phone either. My friend has a VZ 650 and it acts weird where she won't get any texts until the end of the day.
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    For me:
    Sprint to Sprint works great
    Sprint to Cingular works great
    Sprint to Verizon is spotty lately-use to work great.
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    I have just recently noticed problems. Sent messages to Nextel, and Tmobile. Buddy of mine responded to sms that I sent him the day before. Still trying to narrow it down whether he received the message late, or I received his reply late.
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    I definitely get them either immediately or not at all. The problem is there's no way to know I've missed one, and it doesn't seem to retry. Since I can't trust it, it's very nearly useless. Which is sad. It would be handy if it actually worked.

    I am fairly sure that I'm not going out of coverage, so it must have something to do with my data connections blocking them, or problems at Cingular's end.
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    I have T-Mobile, the wife has Verizon and an LG 7100. Sometimes her text messages get lost in cyberspace. She gets all of mine, but every now and then hers just don't get through. Spam filters of some kind by my carrier? I see the message on her phone, showing it was sent just like the others that I did receive. I think it's something to do with Verizon, but I really have no proof.
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    That is a provider issue and not your phone, I think
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    I have Sprint and I do not have any automatic email retreival. Sometimes messages come thru from Versizon and Nextel without a problem. Sometimes they don't come thru at all. I also will receive blank text messages from Unknown sent at 11:59 pm 1/1/01. Sometimes these messages are the result of someone from verizon or Nextel trying to send me a message and sometimes they are not. I believe this is a Sprint problems except for the following situation. Sometimes my phone will reset when I receive a text message. Most of the time but not always the message will come thru after the phone has reset. I called Sprint about the problem and they were absolutely clueless. It has gotten so bad that I can't use text message anymore for communications. I am using the message program that came with the Treo650.
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    I am using the message program that came with the Treo650.
    Isn't that SMS, or am I mistaken, because that;s what I have been using for texting...
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    the program is called Messaging and I'm pretty sure it is the only SMS text message program on the phone out of the box. I have not tried any other third party SMS program as my luck on the phone with third party software is very bad. My phone will not even run the critically acclaimed email program Chatter without problems.
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    Is there third party SMS software available, and if so, what are the names? I have been having pretty bad luck as far as SMS is concerned. I use Verichat more, but for the few times I use it, I would like SMS to be reliable.
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    Frequently, there are more text messages listed on my Cingular bill than appear on my Treo 600. It could be a problem with Cingular. They count a message as sent even if it fails, and don't retry. On the other hand, there could be a problem with the Treo. It may receive messages and drop them. The problem is particularly common when an incoming email is split into multiple text messages. Frequently some of the messages are received and others are lost.
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    Several messages from a colleague (sprint-to-sprint) failed in a row. He changed my contact to include Area-Code and it has been flawless since. Go figure. He was sending from a non-smartphone to my 650.
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    I have the exact same problem. I am on Sprint and my girlfriend is on Cingular. She always receives all my SMS promptly. Sometimes I receive hers and sometimes I don't.

    I use SMS with other people constantly and she's the only person that seems to have problems -- but she's also the only one (that I know of) using Cingular.
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    I have the same problem with SMS but I also have issues with MMS AND Voice Mail. It has become quite annoying. I upgraded to the Treo, which for the most part I love, from a cheapy Audiovox phone and I have had nothing but problems with messages. Just this morning I reset my Treo and all of a sudden I had 6 voice mails. Does anyone know what causes this??? BTW, I'm on Verizon.

    Thanks Mark
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    I, too, occasionally have VoiceMail and SMS delivery issues. I've found that when my phone resets, the messages come in - sometimes days later....
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    But why? That's the question. Has Verizon been able to give you any insight into this?
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    I think I have the same problem going in and out of data coverage areas. the texts come across much later. As soon as I connect, the missing ones will come through.

    To combat this. I try to connect to the web periodically to make sure i haven't missed anything.
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    Ive never had a problem receiving them from sprint to cingular or cingular to cingular. Not sure if any of my other friends have other carriers. Also, when I've been away from my phone for a week or so with it off (ie. camping) and i turn it back on, I get all the SMSs that I missed.
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