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    Anyone have any info on how to unlock the Treo?

    I was happy with Tmo & my Treo600 (except that it died). I only pay $99/mo now for 2500 minutes (1500 min plus 1000 min bonus). Verizon goes from 1000 to 4000 (w/ unlimited incoming, but the I initiate most calls). Not to mention the added expense of EVDO.

    I'll only save about $50 w a 1yr contract so I could just buyu it form verizon for the ~$620 but could I get it unlocked? And if so, what other carriers could I use it with?
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    The verizon phone can't be unlocked. Verizon, unlike GSM carriers (ie cingular and tmobile), only works on their CDMA network.
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    Verizon phones on Verizon only and Sprint on Sprint only. Sorry CDMA just doesn't offer that luxury like GSM.
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