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    I've searched the forums every which way and I can't find anyone else reporting it, so I had to post.

    Most of you have probably seen last week's hilarious Saturday Night Live "digital short", Lazy Sunday with Chris Parnell and Adam Sandberg gangsta-rapping about the "chronic-WHAT-cles of Narnia".

    If you haven't seen it, it's worth checking out--it's the funniest thing I've seen on SNL since the days of Hartman, Space, and Farley. When you watch it, check out Chris Parnell's cell phone. It's definitely a Treo. He even pulls out his stylus to get on Yahoo Maps to find the "dopest route" to the movie theater.

    Screenshot 1:
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    they're 99$ on contract, why it is exciting when you see a treo?
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    Very funny to hear them rapping about Google maps versus Mapquest.
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    That was dope, G.
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    Was that the episode that they were rapping about narnia and cupcakes as well? That was funny!
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    If you're one of the folks using iTunes (Win or Mac), the iTunes Music Store is offering the entire video of the sketch for free (through the same Video Store where they sell TV shows).

    Unfortunately, it's DRM'd so you'd have to watch it on your computer or one of the video iPods, rather than on a Treo.
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    There was also an article about "Lazy Sunday" in today's New York Times,in the arts section.
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    Quote Originally Posted by question
    they're 99$ on contract, why it is exciting when you see a treo?
    It's very fun to see someone with a Treo. 2 of my personal favs have them: Eva Longoria and Vanessa Marcil.. Beautiful AND Savvy. My kinda gals.


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