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    I have had my treo 650 for a few weeks now. I have been installing alot of random trials and freeware stuff and then uninstalling about half of them. I want to try to start over clean with install manager and only install a few applications that i need. I tried doing a hard reset and then hotsyncing but everything just came back to the treo. How do i get it so that when i hotsync it doesnt install 3rd party applications or anything, just contacts, calendar, etc.

    sorry if this is a newbie question
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    If you are using a PC to Sync, go to C Drive> Program Files > palmOne > (portions of your hotsync name) > Backup.

    Copy the contents of your Backup folder somewhere else before you start deleting stuff here.

    There are two major types of items here: programs and palm databases and they have the type .PRC and .PDB respectively. Not all programs has a .PDB and vice versa. Some of the standalone PDBs are used by the ROM programs, like networkDB.PDB and phonecallDB.PDB.

    Or to make it quick and clean, don't bother with this, just delete your Backup folder and reinstall and re-enter (I know you said you want to keep other things) everything.

    Good Luck!

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