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    I would like to buy a simple book or two about learning
    PALM OS code and how to understand what are all of the
    files listed in FILEZ on My T650 Cing & T650 Sprint.
    I would also like to learn the basics about what is code
    and how to understand it?

    I downloaded a simulator at Palmsources website to learn
    different aspects of what programs work, but I really need
    to start learning what is code etc.

    Any good books anyone would suggest?

    Also does anyone know of a good program that I could
    get that would allow me to extract certain files out
    of a palm update to the T650's? I know certain files
    that do not break down what the all of the included files
    are, and it would be nice to get into an update and pull
    certain files out.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Mark Young
    The Helen Keller of Treo Central

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