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    I am required to use a Treo for work (really, it's WAY too much phone for me! ). So I purchased a 650 about 6 weeks ago, and of course I'm still trying to figure it all out. I just got a 512 SD card for it, but have yet to use it! My carrier is Verizon. I have a few questions for you more experienced users!

    1. My Treo keeps turning off and then on again randomly - it seems to be doing this more and more frequently - any ideas why or what I can do about it??

    2. I know I can use the Treo as an MP3 player, (and here's where I'm liable to sound really dumb!), but how do I get/download MP3's? And then, am I able to use a MP3 for a ringtone?

    I appreciate, in advance, your suggestions and thoughts.

    Thank you!

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    Welcome, turning off? Do you mean a reset? Where the phone just turns off completely and restarts itself? MP3's, well you can upload (sync) them via your RealPlayer on your TREO & your PC. Their are many sites to download MP3's, if you pay for them, or just upload from your C.D. collection. Ringer/MP3? You will need a 3rd party app for that, try Lightwav, Ringo Pro, MRing or Ho Ho.
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    1, Not sure what you mean by "turning on".....Treo 650 will "light up" when it is checking emails at a preset interval.

    2, The best way is to get a card reader and copy the songs over from your PC.

    Welcome to TC.
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    Welcome, Molly!

    RE turning on/off:
    As Rome and Reverendrhino mentioned, the display may turn on when an application becomes active, and then turn back off due to the Auto-Off Setting (Preferences > Power > Auto-Off). This scenario represents normal behavior.

    If the device encounters some type of problem, it may automatically reset itself. When this happens, the screen will go blank, then you'll see a series of screens (one with Palm text, another with the Palm logo, etc.) until the device is fully booted back up. This scenario may be occurring due to some kind of software conflict, and is worth further research.

    RE mp3 ringers:
    After you load some mp3s onto your Treo, go to Preferences > Sounds & Alerts. In the application field, select Phone. You'll see 2 boxes ("Volume" and "Tones"). Select Tones... on the Tones screen, you'll see a button in the lower righthand corner ("Manage"), and this will take you to a list of sounds available for ringers. You should see your mp3's (titles) listed there.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy your Treo!
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    Sounds like you might be getting your email pushed by your email program. Real will play MP3s but many of us buy Pocket Tunes for MP3s and streaming audio. There are a couple of programs that will restart the phone after a reset. If yours tends to reset and the phone shuts off look for these programs. Look at the FAQs and search for information. Most questions have already been asked although the threads can get verrrrrrry long sometimes.

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