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    I just purchased my Treo 650, was there a piece covering the card slot at the top of the phone??? If so I lost mine and need to get a replacement one. Is it really necessary to have one? ( if it was one there I can't remember) & where could I find a replacement? Local sprint store??where I got it?? TIA
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    I keep an sd card in mine all the time, and you probably will too eventually.
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    There's no cover, per se, for it. But it should have come with a plastic "dummy" card in it to keep things from getting in there.
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    OK it must have been the plastic there because I can see down the phone I guess I will look for a card to put in there...THANKS
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    On a previous palm there was an occasional popping up of my sd card. Happened to a friend too, but he lost his. So I took a piece of clear tape and JUST covered the area. So far there's been no popping out of my card on my 650, but I still may put a piece there just in case.
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