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    Quote Originally Posted by AnteL0pe
    So the POS will recover from a crash far better than WM and there is a glaring issue with voice recording on WM devices........ Hmmmmmmm.....
    When most apps crash the device wont actually crash at all. WM is more resilient to badly behaved apps than POS (due to memory protection). As I've said, I dont know if the voice recording thing is still a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2000 Man
    He's right about everything taking multiple key-presses on WM devices. They're more powerful but less user-friendly.
    I agree and disagree.

    The actual hardware can play a HUGE part in this question. For example the PPC-6600 series of phones have 9 programable hardware buttons. This includes Start Menu and OK (Close) buttons. The 6600 also has 5 way nav. I have my buttons set to launch:

    • Calendar
    • Email
    • PIE
    • WebIs Mail
    • Start Menu
    • Camera
    • VC for easy voice dialing while driving
    • OK (close)
    • Rotate screen between Landscape and Portrait

    Many people do not give enough credit to either the customizable Start Menu or the Today Page. What I cannot access directly with a single click of a hardware button, I can usually access with only one to three clicks of the 5 way nav or a single tap of my finger on the Today Page.

    For example in the settings you can specify up to 8 or so programs to include at the very top of your Start Menu. With any file manager, you can also easily organize your Start Menu in a very organized fashion.....just like I used to do with Zlauncher with the same amount of 5 way nav clicks. Then you add in the Recent section of the Start Menu that shows the last 5 or so programs you launched. And all if it 5 way nav'able.

    Or there are several free to pay for utilities that will let you add icons on your Today page for all of your favorite or most used programs.

    You add a couple utilities like PocketBreeze and Contact Breeze, and I rarely have open my Calendar and Contacts...all accessed from the Today Screen. With ContactBreeze I can look up and have a contact dialing just as fast as on my Treo. Plus I never have to open my email to see if I have any...a summary at a glance on the Today page.

    So to launch a program one handed without a stylus, I just hit the Start Menu, hardware button. 5 way nav down two or three spaces and push Enter.

    I want to launch a different program...just one single tap on an icon on the Today Screen....a finger works just fine.

    Of course, this does not even cover the benefits of VC that can launch

    Below are some examples of my Today Page and how I have organized my Start Menu.

    I have to be honest and say that with a little understanding of the tools available with both OS and a good phone layout.....the navigation differences in time and easy to launch a program between Palm and WM becomes very small.

    (Before all the flames come-a-posting....I am NOT saying anything about another form factor being better than the Treo )
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    if the wi-fi sled will fit I will switch from my extremely reliable 600, but I will wait a few months till the bugs get worked out
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    After a couple of years, my speaker just stopped working on my 600. I may be forced into the 650 solution!
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    I have an ancient 600. I will only use verizon (other networks weak in my area) and waited forever for the 600 on verizon only to have the 650 come out 2 months later. But the 650 never interested me as the feature I really wanted was a better camera. 0.3 is embarassing. If the 700W only has the lower res screen to satisfy windows then I hope there will eventually be a verizon 700 palm with a 1.3 camera. Then I will switch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ktm97
    if the wi-fi sled will fit I will switch from my extremely reliable 600, but I will wait a few months till the bugs get worked out
    I'm sorry. I couldn't help but laugh my @$$ off. This is the reason the 700w still sucks eggs. SD card or sled, it's still things you shouldn't have to carry that you will.
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