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    While I am glad you are reading this, I would like to have Palm company people especially read this to understand my disappointment as well as resentment.

    I have been using a Treo 650 for both personal and professional reasons a few months now. I am happy with it and I suppose that I am a potential Treo customer/user as new generations come out.

    Based on my user experience, I have quite a passion towards this device as it combines and offers so many things together necessary in my daily life. In the meanwhile though, I have spotted many areas that current Treo is missing in offering. I already have some expectations on those and I thought would be great to have on next generations. So, I started noting them one by one as each time I noticed a new thing that I felt overlooked or not considered at all in Treo 650. (and, I doubt that those are not in 700 either.)

    So far, I have listed 79 ideas with reasons and suggestions which I came up with strictly from my own experiences. These are mostly on software side (i.e. new concepts, practical improvements on existing features, design/layout inefficiencies, etc) and some hardware related ideas. In other words, those are to make a Treo experience much more pleasant, make the user more productive, and resulting Treo to have more competitive edge amongst its competitors.

    I took considerable amount of time to compile and made ready to send Palm company. I hoped that they would value courtesy work of a customer to help them make a better product and hoping in the same time that at least some of them implemented on next generation Treos.

    I must say that I thought that this would be simple as 1-2-3, by contacting the company, getting the name or department who is in charge/capable of evaluating such information/feedback and I would simply forward them. Simple like that, right? Wrong!

    My experience so far proved my good intentions wrong. How? Here is where my -growing- disappointment with Palm lies…

    1) In my first attempts, I made numerous calls to Palm corporate number, described my reason and each time switchboard person directed me totally unrelated areas, such as customer or technical support people who could not (and, cannot) do anything on that.
    2) Then, I decided to write the subject to Ed Colligan, the CEO, thinking that I would get contacted so I could forward my work to the ‘right people’ in charge…because knowing how things happens in big corporations, my fear is sending it to a general address and most likely ending up in a trash box! I received no answer from the office of CEO or someone from Palm company.
    3) Last attempt I made last week again was calling the corporate number and this time I succeeded to leave a message on a VP’s phone number with explanation! But, this did not help to get a call from Palm as of now! .

    I don’t know how nice these people are in individual basis, but there is certainly something not in place that caused me already a very bad taste in terms of how I, as a customer / user being valued! This is despite the fact I made effort to help them have a better product, without asking money, compensation, gift, etc. I think, I wasted my valuable time with such thing and I guess my good intentions were in vain. I find this very upsetting.

    So, here I am posting my experience. I will appreciate your feedback and also welcome your thoughts & help about making my voice heard.

    Thank you all. Have everyone happy holidays, happy & healthy a new year.
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    being a treo noob I would love the see the 79 items...cheers!
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    I was an actual Palm Beta Tester from October 1994 till nearly 2000. Trust me - you'll never hear from anyone of consequence.

    I had several suggestions to the Palm Desktop application (which were all ignored and to the handheld components which were also mostly ignored). They are set in their ways.

    All I did mostly be sent a new memory card run some test on it unload reload software etc - suggestions went grossly unnoticed.

    Now of course the company has gone through several different owners but the core team of development has largely remained.....they have their agenda. And if yours and theirs happen to overlap....then you might get some of your suggestions implemented.
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    I think, eventually I will (in this thread). For those who are interested, I suggest you subscribe to this thread.
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    stop bothering me with your practical suggestions, I am tied up developing new functionality that you might never actually use or need........

    ....oh, by the way, welcome to the world of the engineer - I certainly don't know all the questions, but I do have all the answers.

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