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    Hi all
    I wasn't sure where to post this so I picked the general forum.

    I'm in IT support in a small company, and recently my boss got a TREO650 with cingular. We use Exchange Server 03 behind a firewall.
    I was able to use VersaMail fine (email & calendar) with Activesync, but it has one major problem: it does not let me store emails on the SD card, only attachments (and even that only manually). The Treo is getting filled-up quickly.
    I called Cingular, called Palm, they say can't do it.
    So I thought to move Versamail to the SD card, but can't do it as it is on ROM.
    Cingular has a "push" Xpress mail software which costs $5 / months, but that doesn't store emails on the card either.
    I was reading over ChatterMail and SnapperMail, but it seems that those require IMAP server (and we do not have that nor POP3 either).
    It's aggravating because another manager just got the TREO650 with Sprint, and Sprint's software does the "push" and also allows to save emails on the SD card.

    Anyone know of a fix for this issue?
    Basically the email at work can only be gotten wirelessly via ActiveSync, or some re-director software. Any re-director that will also allow to store emails on the SD card of the Treo? Any Software other than Versamail that supports ActiveSync and allows storing of emails on the card?
    Or perhaps, any "backup" software that will automatically emails from the Treo to the SD card?

    Any comments will be appreciated.
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    I may be wrong but I think Chatter with the OWA plugin may be just what you are looking for.
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    I was going to say that too. ChatterEmail OWA is shaping up quite nicely IMHO. The only real challenge is one caused by Exchange... in that it can only do push notifications over UDP, which some providers seem to be blocking. But even without full push, the OWA interface in Qsync mode would very likely do precisely what you need it to... get your email from Exchange over a secure, supportable interface *and* put those messages on SD.

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