Ok, I've been humming and hawing now over this for awhile, so thought I'd ask for some opinions on here. First some background...

I currently have a Treo 600, have had it for about a year, really love it, but really want to upgrade. The kicker for me upgrading now is I'm heading to Japan for 4 weeks in May, and want to be able to update friends and family of my trip with an online photo journal. Even if the Treo GSM signal worked in Japan, I seriously doubt I could afford the data rates, and it don't do WiFi.

Here's the options I can think of, anyone have any thoughts on this, recommendations, etc:

IDEAL - 700p... Treo form factor on PalmOS (or something that works with the hundreds of dollars of software I've invested in) and does WiFi so I can go to an internet cafe over there and upload from there. This doesn't seem to exist (yet) and may not exist in time for me to get.

WM5.0 Device. Possibly Treo 700w assuming it comes out in a reasonable timeframe, seems like I get both great form factor and WiFi, but loose screen resolution compared to 650 and all my Palm Apps. I'm not sold on the sliding keyboard concept (maybe if it slid down vertically not from the side, don't want to have to use 2 hands) although a friend has a 6600 and it seems decent enough.

Drop the All-In-One, buy either the Dell Axim x51V (drooooooooool), LifeDrive (too pricey I think), or T5/T|X (probably T5 over T|X since it has better features) and get a regular, Bluetooth phone. I loose the thumbboard tho, but get better processor and screen resolution possibly. Got a foldable keyboard so it's not end of the world. Also have to carry 2 devices on my belt, which is what I tried to avoid when I get the Treo 600. How well does a phone / pda with bluetooth work?

Unlikely - buy a Treo 650 and a PDA that does WiFi, and connect via Bluetooth... I get everything I want, but cost prohibitive to say the least.

Timeline wise I'm looking at end of January for this (and a new digital camera... eep) but thought I'd see what opinions people have out there. I would prefer a PalmOS, but if it can't meet my needs I'm willing to switch. Money of course isn't exactlly unlimited either.

Thanks for your time :-)