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    I wouldn't it past telco companies to request no wifi in a phone but believe me when I tell you that there are no $10M/year telco executives on this website spending their time trying to convince you or me that we don't need wifi. They spend all their money on, "Can you hear me now?", type commercials to reach a more broad audience and have corporate account reps to sell high speed data plans to the 700W's primary target: large corporate accounts. If they were targetting you and me they wouldn't be charging $45 for 1XRTT. I sometimes suspect that part of that price is just to keep casual users off their data network so it doesn't affect response time for corporate account customers. Because they can't really think that a casual user is going to pay $45 vs $15 a month.
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    Bob-C -

    I agree that you won't find highly paid executives here spinning opinions. That is the marketing department's job. And it would just be a part of everyday activities, along with many other activities. I am not talking about some major orchestrated campaign but it certainly does sound suspicious when one group of people says they would like to see a feature added to the next gen phone and another group argues actively AGAINST it. Doesn't make sense. Unless there is another motivation behind it.

    Interestingly, Cingular announced today a deal with Lenovo to add an HSPDA chip to Lenovo laptops so Cingular can sell high speed data connections to laptop users.

    Wireless carriers operate in a very leveraged model. They sink huge sums of money in to building and upgrading networks before they realize a dime of revenue. Maybe I am wrong, but I think the wireless carriers will fight for every dime of market share they can. I would.
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    I'm just trying to imagine some Verizon putting it on their monthly accomplishments:

    - Visited City of Philadelphia account.
    - Got PECO expanded contract.
    - Put 15 posts on against WIFI.
    - Put 9 posts up on against WIFI.
    - Got KPMG account to switch to Verizon.

    Doesn't that sound kind of silly?
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim_treo
    If Palm diverts resources to integrated wifi, that's less resources for features I (and 95% of others) would like to see
    Myself personally, I would prefer to see resources going into keeping up with the competition and providing greater usability for a cell phone PDA, which would be increased connectivity options instead of something like BT stereo headphones.

    I know there is R&D, but there are technologies now (or very soon) available to make it a lot cheaper to include integrated WIFI into the phone:

    Dual SDIO goodness coming closer

    BSQUARE has announced a new version of the SDIO Now! technology, which offers OEMs a cost-effective solution for adding two MMC/SD/SDIO cards to mobile devices.

    SDIO Now! V2.2 enables manufacturers to support two MMC/SD/SDIO slots using the single internal host controller available in either the Intel PXA270 or in the TI OMAP 850 processor. OEMs can now economically add Wi-Fi capabilities to smartphones and other embedded devices by using an internal SDIO Wi-Fi card while adding a second external expansion slot for high-density memory cards or other SDIO peripherals.

    In addition, SDIO V2.2 offers Fast Path technology, which boosts system throughput, a critical measure of Wi-Fi performance, by up to 200%.

    “Consumers are demanding Wi-Fi on their cellular devices because it opens the door for applications such Voice Over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) that can dramatically lower usage costs. With SDIO Now! V2.2, BSQUARE continues to provide leadership and innovation by enabling OEMs to more cost effectively address customer requirements,” said Pawan Gupta, Vice President of Products, BSQUARE.

    SDIO Now! V2.2 for Windows CE will ship in Q1 2006.
    It would be nice to see Palm take advantage of this in their upcoming releases. My question the release date that date that OEMs can offer it to customers....or the release date where OEMs get the first look at it for implementing into their phone designs?
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    Am I the only person who would like a native PDF reader too? Like Picsel PDF being delivered on the 700W.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lagestee
    Am I the only person who would like a native PDF reader too? Like Picsel PDF being delivered on the 700W.
    No you're not. I'm sure there will be a third party app soon if it's not native already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lagestee
    Am I the only person who would like a native PDF reader too? Like Picsel PDF being delivered on the 700W.
    Tried PalmPDF ???
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    That post says nothing about the 700P
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