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    Just got my treo 650 a few days ago and all I can say is wow. I love it. Havent been able to find anything I dont like about it yet, except that when call waiting is beeping in, I cant hear the person on the other end too well.

    I already figured out how to make my own ringtones and do just about everything with it. One thing that kinda sucks is getting applications for this thing is going to end up costing a fortune I guess if you want to play you gotta pay.

    The reception on this phone is unbelievable. I have the cingular version and I get full reception in areas where I got little to no reception with my razr.

    One thing I dont like is the fact that the cingular agent that I bought the phone from told me that insurance is not available for this phone. Is this true? He told me that the phone is too expensive and insurance wont cover it.

    All in all I couldnt be happier with the device. Does anyone know of any good free apps to dl for it? Thanks in advance.

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    My Treo 650 is on Verizon Wireless and I have insurance for the phone, it costs me $5 per month.
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    and has some nice freeware

    You have to get a SD card and check out TCPMP.

    welcome to the club



    oh btw, this forum has a wealth of knowledge, all you have todo is search for it
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