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    Apple should plant a Palm in its garden
    By Brett Arends
    Boston Herald Finance Columnist

    Monday, December 19, 2005 - Updated: 10:12 AM EST
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    That would be good for only Palm, not Apple. There is no asset in Palm can be reused by Apple. Motorola would be a better buyer, or someone from far east you have never heard of.

    ....They’re no longer clearly the best digital music player. They’re heavy and the battery life isn’t that great.Rival products the size of your thumb include a radio.
    I stop caring this article after I reached this line.

    The cultures would fit well: Palm is an entrepreneurial, creative, design-led company that hates Microsoft. Palm organizers already work with Macs
    Hahaha, too late now.
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    If that was announced, then M$ would quickly put up a counter offer. A bidding war would begin.
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    the iPalm? give me a break...
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    Even Bill Gates was quoted recently saying that Apple needs to get into phone development. He seems to feel that that is the only way that ipod will last.
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    I agree. I'm at 1 GB on my Treo and already have enough music to not want an iPod. When everyone's phone eventually stores 10 GB's of music on it, who is going to want to fork money up for an iPod?
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