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    Has anybody heard that if you dont have an unlimited plan for your Treo the charges could kill you?

    I called Verizon about my kilobyte charges that were $133 last month and I did not even use the internet. They stated that the Treo 650 will connect to the National Internet by itself and occur charges. They stated that they reccommend that everybody who buys the Treo 650 should get the unlimited plan.

    The customer service person stated that "This is a feature of the phone because the phone is designed for the person on the go." "It is connected to the National Internet so you get faster Internet access"

    Has anybody ever heard of this??????
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    I've never heard of it connecting itself, but I have forgotten to disconnect after getting my email or sending a photo, or just surfing the net. If someone sends me a message or photo it connects to data to receive it so I'm on. That's why, in my mind, it's much safer to have the unlimited data plan. I just wish their prices were more like Sprints and only be $15 a month.
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    Go to your network preference and check the option that says check before connecting to the inernet.

    The only caveat is that you have to disconnect after you authorized the connection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmunkres
    ...the Treo 650 will connect to the National Internet by itself and occur charges...
    Are you connecting to data at all, like checking email, etc ? Or is the phone just "connecting at will" ?

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