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    I am buying a Christmas present for a treo 650 user... What would be the best present for a treo user that is under $50??


    Anyone who helps will probably get on Santa's good list...
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    Do they have a bluetooth ear piece for hands free driving? Athough, those are probably $59 on up.

    How about an electronic book from ?

    Do they have Pocket Tunes or use RealPlayer? A few tunes might be welcome.

    Do they need a new case for their Treo? However, they may need to help you -- case choice is highly user centric.

    BackupBuddy VFS? Ounce of pervention is worth a pound of cure!

    High battery drain user? Spare battery! (Extended use 2200mAh Lion?)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    You can also get a 1GB SD card for around $50 now.
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    a set of pen-styluses is always a nice stocking-stuffer...

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    The new Seidio 2-in-1 headphone is a good choice.
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    There are a bunch of options...depends on what he already has and how he uses the Treo.

    - 2-in1 headset
    - Bluetooth dongle for laptop/desktop
    - Various software
    - Car charger
    - Retractable sync-n-charge cable
    - Cradle
    - screen protectors
    - stylii (or fancy pen w/ stylus)
    - egrips

    Good luck and happy holidays!
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    It's too late for mail order stuff. So you will have to either buy something at the store or online.

    I suggest you check out his phone and see if he has a program on the phone called "Pocket Tunes" on it. It lets a Treo user listen to MP3 song files or internet radio stations on the Treo. You can buy it online at

    Once you buy that, see if he has an SD card for the Treo. It is a small removable card next to the antenna. That is where the mp3's for pocket tunes would be stored. You can find SD cards in all different sizes at most computer stores like CompUSA. Get the biggest card in your budget.

    Good luck.
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    You could get them a gift card for Handango or PalmGear.
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    An extended life battery would be nice too. I wish someone would get that for me.

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