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    I am thinking of switching to Verizon or Sprint from Cingular. I know I will need a new phone, but I am thinking at this point it may be worth it.

    My problems with Cingular:

    Not the greatest coverage where I live. Verizon has excellent coverage.

    Terrible interference with speakers and monitors with Cingular. This is an issue since I work in a computer environment.

    Any opinions or experiences anyone can share with Verizon or Sprint service? How is the data plan? Are there any major downfalls to these services?
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    I went from AT&T/Cingular to Sprint when I bought the 650. Same issues -- Sprint had better coverage in my portion of the city and, at the time, unlimited data was $49 vs. $15. The $420 in annual savings was a no brainer.

    I have had no trouble w/ my work computer, although the Treo does drive my wireless mouse at home nuts.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I am looking for a shared plan with a minimum amount of voice minutes and unlimited data. Are you saying I can get unlimited data with Sprint for $15 a month? How does the speed on there network compare with Cingular?
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    I have the 650 with Sprint. I don't notice any problems with electronic equipment. I also went with Sprint for the price of the data plan. I rarely browse the web with my Treo, and when I do, the data connection is fine, I could not see spending $49 a month for the data. The speeds are acceptable for what I use it for. Using PDA Net, with my laptop, I can still get speeds faster than dial up when browsing the web.

    I believe Sprint's data speeds are slower than Cingular, however, I can't give you any ideas as far as numers are concerned.

    I haven't had any problems with Sprint phone service, and the only time I have had problems is in areas with bad coverage anyway. I dropped calls all the time when I had At&t/Cingular. My personal experience, I would recommend Sprint.
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    What kind of headache would I be looking at as far as syncing what I have on my current 650 with Cingular? Can I sync this data with the Sprint 650? Will I have to buy apps like Chatter and Volume Care again?
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    Previous threads mentioned that the radio on the GSM 650's is what causes the interference.

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