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    So here is the deal:
    I am currently into a contract with VZW until Nov 2006. Seriously, I had to jump into a pool to save my 14 yr old dog and save her ***. (read with my current Samsung on me) I put it in a toaster oven and got it back, minus a few key funtions. Battery went TU but was repalced. Now, broke the glass also. So, need a phone. Am a long time user of POS, have a clie 615 which I use professionally.
    If I were to buy a Treo branded for VZW off a popular aution site, my questions are:
    1. Can I discontinue my Samsung and put in place the treo? I am sure I can, but will it trigger a 2 yr extension?
    2. I have a family share plan with my Wifey and Mom, so, lets say I bought a 650, and just want to swap my phone to the 650, would it trigger another 2 yr ext? I did not buy it from VZW!
    3. assuming that I get this far, by adding the data plan to the service already in place, will it trigger a 2 yr extension?

    I have nothing about the 2 yr extension, but who knows where I will be in two years. I think I will stay with VZW as long as I can as this is the only provider I know that will work in all the remote areas especially where we army folks go.
    Your comments/advise please.
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    NO it doesnt. you can actually do the esn change online at my account ( for free and be up and runnig as soon as you get the phone. my only suggestion would be to get the esn of the treo BEFORE buying and havin a freindly vzw rep make sure it is not flagged as stolen, good luck!
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    Td67mustang, Thanks for the wonderful and accurate info. Yes, indeed I was on VZW site and after logging in, found where I could plug in the ESN # and bingo.
    Now, how about adding the web/mail access to my plan?
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    td....GREAT CAR!!! I have an 05...

    Aviator, you can add a data plan to your account at any time...should have no impact on your calling plan/contract. Verizon is expensive, though. I think it's like $50/month for unlimited data, but I could be wrong...I have Cingular.
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