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    Hello Forum,

    I am a new Cingular Treo 650 owner (unlocked) and am having a time of it trying to manage my contacts; I two sets; one on the sim card, and one in a csv file...I need to delete a bunch but am not able to get all off the phone.

    Are there 3rd app's (tried and tested by you guys) which may simplify my life?

    Thanks in advance, and hope to be able to give back sooner rather than later.

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    Bryan, scroll down to S in your PDA and open SIM Book . You'll be able to delete or add contacts in your SIM card there.

    Unlocked Cingular Treo 650, 1.51 firmware, 1.17 CNG software
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    Thanks; I couldn't figure this out either, since the manual just tells you how to import and export from/to the SIM card.

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