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    Ok this is the second time this has happen to me now. The first time it happen, I had to take my treo back for a new one because it got so worst that I couldn't use my speaker feature and I can't hear what someone is saying and they can't hear what I am saying either. It looks like the same will happen again.

    The problem is, when I listen to music when I plug in a headphone to my treo (the treo 2 piece headphones), after some time of listening, the left hearpiece will stop playing and the right one will stay playing. I have to keep moving the headphone plug around or I have to push it really hard in and hold in with my fingers in a certain way for both hearpiece to play.

    I think this is a palmone manfactuer glitch.

    I will take this one back in for a replacement and if the same thing happen again then I have no choice but to say bye bye to my treo and get another phone
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    Have you been using the same pair of "treo 2 piece headphones" in each case? If so, perhaps there's something wrong with that particular plug?
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