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    There's nothing like buying a brand new expensive toy, screwing it up somehow and being suicidally confused, then going somewhere like this forum and learning how to restore it to its initially glorious correct function.

    Versamail now sends mail. Thank the Holy Trinity and the Treocentral Forum.
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    smartphones need forums. to be smart you need to have access to information. wish you happy smartphoning.
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    Welcome aboard, Jordan!

    Glad that the user community of T/C forum was able to help you!
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    Welcome to TC and the Treo World.
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    Now you need to move beyond email and try Instant Messaging...
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    just imagine all the poor souls out there that install some crazy 3rd party app, and get stuck in their first reset loop, and don't know about this forum. Back to the store the Treo goes

    or all the Treos out there not being used to their full potential. because they don't know what apps are out there
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    I don't know what apps are out there yet, but I've been reading the forum posts concerning members' favorites... the step I have to move beyond now is actually paying for good software. HA!
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    Here is a good one to try first and it is free...

    There are quite a few good freewares out there and this is one of the best, if not the best. One word of advice, go slow on third-party software and install one app at a time.
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    Sweet! I griped someone out on ebay for being a jerk seller, I fix my Treo, I find out it's going to be -9,000 degrees tomorrow, and I get cool free software. This day keeps getting better!
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    One word: Chatter
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    Welcome aboard!
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