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    Palm likely to launch Linux-based smartphones

    From the Web

    6 Dec 2005 15:46

    Palm is likely to launch Linux-based smartphones while continuing to roll out mobile phones supporting its own Palm operating system, Paul Blinkhorn, vice president for Asia-Pacific of Palm, was quoted as saying in a recent report on China-based

    Palm, in cooperation with China-based CEC Telecom, launched its Chinese version Treo 650 smartphone in China early this month.

    Article from Digitimes
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    I think palm's feature phone will be linuxed based (w/ palm like PIM apps & same name such as contacts, calendar, tasks, etc), while high end will remain true Palm OS for maybe a generation or two until palm matures its own home grown Palm linux OS. All this minus palmsource, except for potentially getting with them for app compatibility.
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    I think that report is very confused. It talk about Palm's recent purchase of a Linux software house in China, when it was actually PalmSource. I think they might just be talking about AccessLinux which we have all been waiting for, vs an American -grown PalmLinux.

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    true the author was confused, but palm exec wasn't and digitimes has been pretty good on news lately . . .and there was a report a while back that Palm was working with Wind River on its own version of linux (palm was their customer)

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