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    I'm very interested in purchasing a Treo650, though I currently own a Casio PDA - which I don't use much because I don't like carrying it around in addition to my phone. I am a pretty level headed person, so before making such a purchase I like to get as much info as possible. With that in mind, I havea couple of questions. All of these pretty much regard price.

    1. Resets and quality control. I know you hear 1 horror story for every success, but for ~400 bucks, it seems like almost everyone has had an unexpected shutoff/power loss for whatever reason. Mostly from 3rd party apps, but it seems like (I have zero software.programming knowledge besides C+ in college) this could be avoided somehow. My computer doesn't crash everytime I put an update in it or get some junk software. PRobably a bad analogy, but I am a noob and just asking honest questions.

    2. The functions of the Treo650 seems awesome, no doubt. However, does the pricetag seem a little high for what you get (aside from available 3rd party apps)? It seems like you need to add outside apps to really get the full benefit of this unit. I've searched and found numerous people saying the same thing about different apps. "Should have come with this from Palm."

    3. Obsolete? I really doubt it, but will I wish I had bought a PPC in a year and a half or two? Honestly, I'd just like to get this thing to last 2 years before I upgrade again.

    I'm not a techno whiz. I like the barebones features, and I like what I see in the Palm Treo out of all the other PDA/Phone devices. I just have these questions.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Everyone's personal experience, is of course different.

    My opinions:
    1. Very stable without 3rd party apps. Many 3rd party apps are just fine, generally the ones that try to modify the behavior of the OS cause the instability....prior to OS5 these were generally referred to as "hacks". Some are written by good developers, and although bugs do show themselves, they are generally quickly addressed, resulting in pretty good stability. Others are utter crap, yet may be still very popular...I could name a couple, but don't wish to start a flame war here. Search around, you'll see plenty of comments. In general...keep it simple. Add apps slowly (ie one at a time) and watch how your device behaves for a while afterwards. Also, get a good backup utility and an uninstall manager if you want to experiment with a lot of new apps.

    2. Current price is about 1/2 what most people here paid for it, so I think you'll find that the general opinion is that it's worth the money. Yes, a lot of people complain that certain functionality should have been included (i agree with some of the complaints). Depending on your needs, there are very few 3rd party apps that would be considered "essential" for you to get great functionality from the device. For example, a lot of people complain about poor support for ringtone management....mine is almost always on vibrate so I couldn't care all depends on what you want the device to do. Again, search around for solutions...

    3. From a technical perspective, yes it will be obsolete in the near future (arguably it already is). From a usability standpoint....again, depending upon your individual needs, it should be fine for another 2 years. If it already does everything you need it to do, why wouldn't it be able to continuing do those things?

    Good luck!
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    Will the 650 be obsolete soon? Oh, hell yes. Although just about any tech is obsolete in 6 months (wonderful Moore's Law), you're looking at this purchase at an awkward time. The Treo 700w, which is the windows mobile platform, will be out in a month or so. It may kick arse or it may stumble along and not be desirable for a couple of quarters. However, the 700p will be following the 700w and it might kick ****.

    Both will support high bandwidth wireless which the 650 does not.

    My advice, wait. It should only be 3 months before things shake out on these releases.
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    If the 650 has everything you're looking for, get it. If it seems as though the next model is exactly what you're looking for, wait it out. Everything that daThomas said is very true, but I think if you wait for any other higher end model just because it's newer, you might as well wait for the one that follows that cuz it'd probably be better.... you'll never end up getting one.

    Resets and everything related to it are usually from the 3rd party apps. I personally run mine lean..... just the software I need and not anything else cuz it's "nifty" and fun. This is my workhorse and it runs like one.... (knock on wood) so far.
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    Completely AGREE.

    If it were not for the big wireless bandwidth of the 700(either) I would grab a 650 when the 700 comes out.
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    From your comments, I would suggest you get the 650 and enjoy. My sister is an attorney who was evaluating PDAs in the 600 days - I told her to trust me and get a 600. She loved it and eventually sold it on ebay to get a 650 (keep all your 650 packaging and get a cover to protect from scuffs).

    As for the horror stories here, I will suggest what I suggest to everyone - search the word "poll" in th ediscussion forums. What you will find is that between 70% and 90% have few issues and love their Treos, while a vocal monority (defined as less than the majority) have issues or hatred for Palm and the Treo (flame away).

    My sister is not a techie, but loves the single device for phone, pda, music, movies and her few added games and apps. If you spent minimal $$ on 3 different devices, they would easily add up to more than the Treo.

    Buy and enjoy...
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    second the above, extraordinaryJo's remarks in particular. the Treo650 was basically my first cellphone, but about my fourth Palm device. you may discover other sides of the third-party application issue: 1) there are a ton of extremely useful freeware 3rd-party apps, and 2) the fact that you have many choices means that you can pick the one that you like the most, rather than gritting your teeth at the prospect of using the bundled one.

    i have an occasional reset, usually related to a Bluetooth issue. on the other hand, the way that memory works on the Treo means that i have never lost any information -- and in any case, since everything is backed up on the PC, I'm safe.

    the thing is just incredibly useful, in almost more ways that i can track.
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    Best PDA I have ever had.
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    As to whether or not it is valuable,ultimately is a personal choice.For me,I'd have to say yes.I had problems with my original Treo 650 last month and had to send it back for repair.I suppose you could say that it was of such value to me,that after various alternatives (including using a well worn 600,buying a LifeDrive and considering various "traditional" phones ),I simply ended up getting a second one to "hold me over" until my replacement or repaired Treo came back from Palm.

    Of such value,to me,that in one of my business ventures,I switched my key partners,associates and staff were to Treo's from various cell phone/PDA combinations-within the last few months.

    If you wait for the next model,you'll never buy (I did that for years recently,held on to my Vx for dear life,as I did similarly with a Sony laptop a few years back) and you'll be forever waiting....

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