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    The last few days, my Treo has crashed while browsing the Internet, usually when access normal webpages. I am new to Treo 650 use. Is this normal. It crashed once of twice a day (four time today alone). It just shuts down and I have turn it back on and it is still in the same place. ????
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    If I am remembering what I read on this site a few weeks ago, clear your Internet cache by preforming a soft reset. . . . .

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    Open Blazer
    press the menu key
    clear cache

    You might also try increasing the memory limit for saving pages. (On the very same page as the clear cache setting.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    ...Hey Bill Gamble . . . are you out there ..?
    Here I am!

    That's right...much of the time that Blazer crashes, it's due to insufficient db cache. If the OP is using a GSM phone, the new updates (Cingular's is here, the unbranded, unlocked version will be here soon) handle the allocation of db cache much better than is currently the case and should help decrease the frequency of this type of crash.

    In the meantime, or if you're using a CDMA phone, in addition to Perry's suggestions, perform a "preventative" soft reset (to clear db cache) before you start using Blazer.
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