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    Hi all,

    Well, I am considering jumping ship, just too many issues, I have updated to .17 so we will see, but after replacing my phone and dealing with all the missed calls and contact list locking up for 10mins or the 4-6 soft resets a day I have to do is just making the phone unusable at a professional level.

    So I am going to take my Treo650 cack to the store have them replace the handset and then ebay the following in a kit, what do you think it should go for?

    - Brand New Cingular Branded Treo 650 (will be new since it will be a replacement)
    - Treo branded leather case
    - 650 Car charger kit.
    - Palm brand cradle charger/sync kit with all the international plugs.
    - Scandisk 512M SD card
    - Snappermail License Enterprise Edition (providing its trasferable)
    - 3 Smartphone expert screen protectors (bought here at TC)
    - 3M cleaning cloth (also bought here at TC)

    I am just curious as to what you think I could get for all this especially if they replace the handset and its brand new with protective films still in place..

    Thanks in advance!
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    Your replacement may be a reconditioned phone versus a brand new one.
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    So would I be better of just selling the handset I currently have? its in new condition, not a single scratch or buff mark on it

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    I think prices for 650's (new or used) bought from a private individual would be tanking, as the price new (w/ a 2 year contract) is down to $250 at Sprint, with the 700W and 700P being on the horizon.

    Sorry to hear of your troubles with your unit, but most problems are 3rd party software or data corruption issues. You can have a trouble free unit!!

    I assume you have fixed the Cingular loose sim situation.
    Do the .17 update.
    Then let's clean your Treo:

    Hot Sync
    Hard reset the 650
    Then do a clean install to get rid of any third party software corruption.
    (You wiil jut have your PIM apps (Contacts, appointments, memos, tasks) and your unit should run fine. Re-install (not from a backup) third party software one at a time, one day at a time. If the unit starts acting up -- you will know which software is causing the problem.)

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    Cheers, Perry
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    My 650 is working great, the best ever. The current update is a major improvement.
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