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    Is this possible? Just with manufacturer tones. Or even tones off my SD card.

    Can someone point me to threads?

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    If you assign a Favourites button to a contact (those buttons below the phone application.. there are lots of them available), then you can assign specific ring tones (built-in or WAV files) to those without needing any 3rd party application.

    To be able to use MP3's as ringtones, you need a 3rd party utility. I don't use one so I can't recommend any .. but do a search for Ringtones. They are very popular here.
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    Ringo gets my vote.. Not a single crash in the 9 or10 months that I have used it. I wanted Lightwav to work sooo badly, because of the animated gif support, but it constantly crashed my phone
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    You can setup up to 50 different indiv ringers via the default fav method described above or you can use a 3rd party app like ringo, lightwav etc...
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