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    Anyone know of a US "pay as you go" plan that will give me data on my Treo?

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    most carriers offer this.
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    tmo doesnt
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    T-Mobile definately does NOT.
    Cingular allows you data access on a pay per use basis at $.01 per KB which is the same as normal contract plans, however they don't have any data packages you can use on prepaid. 1cent per KB adds up very fast.
    Here's Cingular's Pre-paid page.
    Verizon has "+Mobile Web 2.0 - 99 per day of use - 24-hour period" but verizon's pre paid plans have a $1 minimum charge per day on their plans even if you don't use it becuase it includes unlimited M2M.

    So depending on how/how often you intend to use it depends which is better.

    That's all I know. There are most likely other providers/plans out there that I haven't covered. If you look at there's a pre-paid forum which is a good place to find out more info on pre-paids.
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    Verizon Wireless
    Pay Per KB
    $0.015/KB or approx. $15/MB

    $10-$15/Month for UNLIMITED All-You-Can-Eat

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