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    I found just select the whole chat contents, I can't find "copy to saved folder" option, what should I do to save it? Thank you!
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    On my Sprint 650: I use the Messaging Program. You can save and organize your chats, just like you would emails -- select one, hit the menu key and direct it to whatever folder you have or can create. . . .

    Cheers, Perry.

    Open the message
    Hit the menu key
    select copy to saved folder
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    Thanks, Perry. I use Cingular. and I did read the same guide from Treo tip but I did not see any "copy to save folder" after I click "menu" . There is only " copy"..frustrating..
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    What happens if you select copy? Do you get any more options?
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    I click "copy" , which is under "Edit (undo, cut, copy...)" but nothing happen.. interesting, if I open "sent" folder, there is a "copy to saved folder" , by clicking it, I can save message one by one...but this doesn't appear when I just open an inbox sms (as chat format)..Thanks again.

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