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    Just got my Treo 650 and wondering if anyone has a really good page to use as the homepage in the browser. I am using mobile.msn now, but don't really like it that much. Looking for opnions as to what you guys think are decent hompages? Thanks.
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    Not to be immodest, but I use my own, as can anyone else who wishes:

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    The "treo" in front of this address gives you a streamlined version: no graphics, no avatars and some limited functionality -- like no editing. But navigation to threads is much faster.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I never use my homepage. I have blazer to start up with the bookmarks page so I don't have to wait.
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    Bookmarks for me too. I have organized my bookmarks so that it's a really useful way for me to get to the internet page I need. And it loads really quickly.
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    I use right now...
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    you can send sms via gprs from it. Just sending.
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