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    On my wife's POS cellphone the display will read the phone number and state when someone is calling or when she places a call.

    Does anyone know if our far more superior phones have that option? hehe
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    I missed this feature from my previous life of carrying a phone and PDA. The only app that I am aware of is City ID, it works well but is a little pricy for the feature it adds.
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    I don't use it myself, but, I think Treoareacodes will also do what you want.

    There is a long thread about it here.
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    I have used both applications and find that CityID is easier to manage and has a much small footprint then TreoAreaCodes (TAC) if you want to load the entire country. I don't do any International calls but if you do, TAC might be better.
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    I think the new CallFilter 1.3 provides this information too.

    "Ring Screen Called LOCATION INFOAbility to Display Approximate Location of Incoming Calls"
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    City ID looks far more appeasing to the eye compared to the other options. Thanks everyone, I was thinking that I might not have had an option turned on, too bad the phone doesnt have that built in! Oh well...

    something to note, the City ID shows a state plus city which could be a little missleading. I have a friend that lives 45 minutes south of Atlanta and his area code is the same as parts of Atlanta so if I were to use this app it would say Atlanta GA. which is NOT where he lives. Not a biggie to some Im sure but I thought Id mention it.
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