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    Just curious on my treo 650, once the light goes green, should you immediatly disconnect it? I usually do, but the other night I forgot for like 20 hours and it stayed on the charger. Does the phone have circuitry built into it so it quits charging once the light goes green even if it stays on the charger? or do you think it screwed up the battery? Its probably all in my head, but i swear now, after that episode, it doesnt hold its charge as long as it used to.
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    It should result to a trickle charge after the light goes green. Mine is always left in the charger over night and sometimes over the weekend and I haven't had any problems
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    I charge mine over night w/o a problem. In fact I plug mine in during the day whenever I can as well during a long drive in the car.
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    Don't worry about it. There's a charge protection circuit built into the lithium pack so you will never overcharge it. Else it might explode!
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    The manual actually recommends that we "top it off" whenever possible. When I first got it, I made sure I "exercised" the battery by first giving it a full charge, then not charging it until I got the low battery warning. I repeated that process 4 or 5 times. Since then, I charge it whenever I am near a charger (in my home, my car and my office).
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