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    Can a digital phone signal damage cause damage to a call centers digital data service? The other day my supervisor sent out a memo to all employees advising that all cell phones, pagers and pdas must be turned off before entering the building. It explained that both celluar phones and the offices phone data sevice both work off of the same digital service. If they are both competing for the same signal I could result in damage to the offices phone and data system and it could ruin a cell phones signal receiver making it unable to make or receive calls. I wonder if this is true becuase I hear one our supervisors cell phone ringing in the office all of the time. I'm wondering if they're just telling us that because a lot employee's are messing around whith their cell phones while they're suppose to be working. I rarely use my treo at work. Only to do some online banking
    and check my email from time to time. Can any one tell me if this information is true. Thanks in advanced.
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    No, it's not true.
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    Not true. I knew some call centers that wanted cell phones off to avoid that "humming" interference that GSM phones can give off.
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    part 15 of the fcc thingies? i see it all the time.
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    thanks for all of your replies. I thought it may have something to do with gsm interference. I hear that buzzing noise thru my headset all the time. I know it's not my treo, my service with sprint.

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