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    Hey Gang,

    I hope this isn't a worthless post, but I had a number of problems with my treo and now they are all gone!

    The Problems I had:

    1. Could not Sync, (Kept getting an error. Unable to Sync, Port in Use)
    - This was only with USB not Bluetooth or IR.
    2. Incoming SMS would cause my phone to reset.

    3. Installing New Apps caused a Reset Loop

    4. Vision was always not working (Soft Reset to fix every time)

    5. Blazer unable to download - wanting to download to WEB not Handzipper
    - Tried everything to fix this one.

    I have tried everything suggested on this forum but still was struggling to find a fix and then I did it.

    I took my laptop to the local computer shop for its quarterly maintenance, virus scan, etc. They suggested I copy everything and then format the drive to wipe out any bugs or left over software that are causing problems and then reinstall what I need from the copy. They said they all do this once of twice a year and everyone should. So I did (no cost to me) and now my computer runs great. Then I got to thinking! Everyone suggests doing that for my Treo as well, but I never want to take the time. So I did! I synced using IR to backup everything and then hard rest! Then moved everything out of the backup folder and did a sync. With a fresh Treo I tried all my broken functions and they all worked, even SMS and Blazer. So then I began installing programs one by one. I found that the SMS was being reset because my Message_DB was corrupted, every time I installed the old one, there was Saved SMS that kept resetting the system when I tried to delete it and it was causing incoming SMS's to reset. Blazer works, Hotsync works, Everything works!

    So I am now going to do this every few weeks to make sure my TREO is working perfectly. Also I gained about 2 meg in memory.

    Just thought I would share.
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    That's a great tip, I do the same also, helps my Treo!
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    After reading several times of the relative merits to performing a hard reset and re-loading everything from scratch, I did it today. It took about 1.5 hours (17 apps to reload, preferences, registrations all done). After leaving off one app, I reclaimed 5megs of space, so altogether very worth it.
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    I just did the same thing this last weekend. Now my Treo is running much more stable.
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    I've only had my Treo for about 6 days, so I'm still experimenting with different apps to see what I do and don't want to keep/register, etc. I had wondered if I should do this after I settle on what to keep... It sounds like it might be a good idea, but I am dreading it already.
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    Good to hear it's working for you. I'm having the opposite problem, I hard reset about a week ago, started fresh, and the only thing I have installed is Verichat (or Vericrash as I am finding out). I do have many other programs installed to the card though.

    I am having probably 3 plus resets a day, some of which, the Treo freezes the only way to wake it up it t remove the battery.

    Many of my crashes are caused by Verichat when I check ##377#,and I get the error invalid audio profile, line 458. Many are caused while running "Phone though, fatal exception error, among ohers.

    I used the phone for about 2 days fine without any resetes until I istalled Vericrash, so I think I will have to remove and maybe try and reinstall it.
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    Jeeze, I should have known to do this. I have been using palms for years and have upgraded a number of times over the years, bringing all my files along with it I guess.

    I have had 5 650s over the last year and doing this finally fixed the bugs (that even Sprint said was bad hardware).
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    I would do this only if I was having problems. I did have problems with reboots early on and did it then. I have not had any problems since. I cannot imagine that it would be necessary to do this every few months or I would throw the thing in the trash.
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    How do you do a hard reset?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobdavis73
    How do you do a hard reset?
    Resetting your device (Soft, System/Warm, Hard, In-Cradle, Power Down, Battery Disconnect, Zero Out),Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(887)
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