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    I paid 25 bucks through but it is worth it IMO.

    Some of the customer service numbers in some of the UNLOCK threads stopped working. I'm going out of the country soon, and thought 25 bucks was pretty worth it for my fone to be unlocked, alothough it still sucks having to pay 25 bucks to be able to use a "quad band" fone.

    Anyway, the directions were kinda complicated, I had to put the fone in "TEST MODE", and then install some driver, and some software.

    After all that is done, you run the software, it will pick out 5 codes, and then you just type it in and VOILA!

    Tried it out with a T-Mobile sim and it works!! Altho if i had to use data, i would need to set up a T-Mobile network setting.
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    Cingular unlocked mine for free, all I had to do was call them.....
    iPhone in the Washington DC area.
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    I Know that sucks...I tried calling them once a while back, and had no luck

    Now all those customer service #s stopped working, so i had to go through these people, but it's UNLOCKED nevertheless...

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