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    Just bought the treo 650 and can't get it set to alert me to emails as they come in like the blackberry does. Have I bought the wrong device?

    I set the autosyn for 5 min and have an alert set. I get an alert for my calendar reminders but have to hit "get" to receive email.

    Can anyone help? I've contacted the carrier, went back to the store I purchased it from and read faq and help sections from everywhere I know to look. I just want someone to tell me if it will work and if so, how?
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    So versamail is not autosyncing every 5 minutes is that correct? You have to hit "get" or it wont get, is that right?

    I'm not sure but I dont think you get an alert if you are in the app. So the real problem may be that it is not autosyncing, if I understand you correctly.
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    so it may be the autosync that isn't working. I'm not technical enough to know. I just know that I'd like my device to "ding" when I have an email.
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    Is it versamail?
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    Does this help:

    This is Kevin from Palm. If you're using Versamail and having it
    autosync on a particular schedule: Open Versamail > Select Options >
    Preferences > Delivery > Auto Sync. When the Auto Sync window opens,
    you should see an "Alerts" button at the bottom-right.
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    I have that set, it just doesn't work.
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    Wow no luck here

    In this thread someone suggestied to go to prefs, network, prefs and uncheck "Ask before connecting to the Internet.

    No answers here

    It looks as if versamail may be buggy
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    Quote Originally Posted by wantmyemail
    I have that set, it just doesn't work.
    SnapperMail has a similar problem: I don't like the system sounds, but if the System Sounds are set to 'Off', Snapper can't produce an audible alert. That's one of the reasons I started using Butler: its Attention Grabber function fills in the gap for SnapperMail.
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    Thanks for your help!

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