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    I have had my VZW Treo 650 for a few weeks now. Well yesterday I needed a phone number while out of my office. I have a unlimitied data plan for I think $45 per month and I went to the web and went to It finally loaded and then I put in the name and it didnt come up with any suggestions. Thank isnt the problem, the problem is it took soooo long to do the transaction. I sorta dont understand how to use the web on the treo. I go to treocentral and see the whole page load. How do I select what I want. I go to the first option and it says TREO GENERAL CHAT, now how do I click on that catagory? I select it with my stylus and it doesn't act as a hyperlink. So what do I do to have it go to that page? I would like to be able to check stocks and get 411 so is Handmark Express a good program, and how many use it?
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    Well as TEM would tell me I am helpless (LOL) so I searched and downloaded the trial version of express. I think it is great. It is fast and does a lot of stuff and for $5.83 per month I think it is a great application. What do you guys think? Has it caused any problems on your Treo?
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    I would use Directory Assistant to look up numbers. Its fast and free. Heres a link

    I use xiino to browse treocentral. Its the fastest web browser

    Or you could use the TreoCentral mobile url here http://treo.discussion.treocentral.c...php?styleid=12 same content just a lot faster.

    I dont have any trouble hitting the OK button on the Treocentral discussion link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buldawg
    Well as TEM would tell me I am helpless (LOL)
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    Tem, how do I get the whole MAIN url for the TC mobile site? And what do I do, put that url in my browser and save that as my bookmark so it is the mobile version of TC? Also, you find the Xiino faster than Blazer (funny it is called that and it is so slow), so do you delete blazer once you download Xiino?
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    Well you wouldnt want to custom ROM Blazer (delete) out of the phone since blazer is awesome at displaying pretty web pages and does a great job getting on to secure sites and downloading. Xiino is limited on some of these things but it is fast.

    No I really never key in a url. I copy and paste in in memo from the desktop then copy and paste to the handhelds browser. Or I go to google on the handheld and search treocentral discussion mobile for instance.

    That is the whole URL it is just shortened since its a link the whole URL is plus the http:// at the beginning for disussion
    and for the main page.
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    TEM, I copied and pasted into my memo and the pasted into the browser, it worked. Thanks
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    Your welcome

    Sorry I dont know anything about HandMark Express
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    TEM: what else should I be adding to my Treo and doing with it that is important (tips, tricks)? The only things I have are: mSafe, Resco Backup, and now express (trial). Feel free to email me it may be easier to discuss this.
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    Well if I run into a friend who has a treo and we get to talking they usually appreciate hearing about:

    Obfuscate to hide those lame ROM apps.

    FileZ the free file manager for moving, copying, deleting files etc...

    LedOff the free utility for turning of that annoying blinking led light

    CutPaste5 a free program to increase the size of the palm tiny clip board

    FieldPlus allows you to easily highlight text. This is great because it is a pain to pull out the stylus to highlight text. It also allows you to pull up the command bar. An ability we lost when we lost graffiti. Field plus is needed to use cutpaste5 since you can only use it through the command bar. The command bar is a great little utility that allows you to use an application within another application, if its icon is on the command bar.

    ShortCuts5 a free utility that allows you to use the old school palm shortcuts. What ever the heck they are.

    HighLighter free again, it allows you to change the highlight ring to something you can see. You access it in the prefs application.

    AlwaysOn allows you to keep the screen on while reading a book, downloading a big file, etc...

    FilePC2pda If you dont have a card reader in your tower or as a peripheral you can set the treo up as a card reader.

    The treo has some built in problems that are fixed with software such as accidentally hitting the wrong button when you try to answer a call.

    For this I use TreoGuard

    The treo also wont give you reminder beeps to let you know you missed a call, SMS, calendar alarm etc. so for that I use TreoAlertManager

    They also like finding out what above and beyond things the treo can do like stream internet radio, play movies, work as a universal remote for your electronics or sync your accounts with the bank.

    Any questions?
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    I've been using Express for a couple months now without any problems. Before that, I used Directory Assistance but I now much prefer the directory in Express.
    I have always liked xinnos speed, but don't like the way it renders pages.
    In regard to other apps, search this forum for the topic something like, "6 favorite apps". It's a long thread with lots of input on favorite Treo apps.
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    Back on topic:

    Web Searching.

    Here's a great mobile link, with links to great links, TreoBits

    My favorite site for knowledge, online encyclopedia
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    TEM: Which TreoAlert do I download v2.40 or v0.75? I really need that if I am in the shower and miss a call, that is great for me.

    Also, how do I take a DVD of mine, put it in my computer, covert it and then download it to my SD card to watch it on my Treo 650. (remember you have to be specific because I am a lost person, LOL) I have a sandisk card reader so I assume I put the card in and drag the movie to it and transfer it to the card. I have a 1GB card and have 961.1M free out of 968.4M space. Will that hold a full length dvd movie?
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    That info on version 0.75 is just saying that you can get a discount if you already have .75 and want to upgrade to version 2.4. They only sell one version.

    As far as watching movies on the Treo you can buy a set up or you can do it for free. I dont know much about it but here are some links.

    Here are search terms "Pocket DVD', or DVDShrink, Nero Recode & TCPMP.

    Your already in this one

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