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    i have treo 600 on sprint network due to empolyer discount with sprint

    a friend is on cingular/att and is looking to change phone to treo

    looking for advice on useabiloility of treo 600 (prefer to save on cost as comoing out of own pocket) on cingular/att system, as he and his wife, and cohort at work already all on att/cingular plan with lots of minutes <g> for good, old, grandfathered priceplan

    please cc any postings to netcommuner at yahoo dot com, tx
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    he might as well get the 650. i saw a post here showing that cingular was/is offering refurbished like new treo 650s for $129-$139 with 2 year agreement. that's a bargain. do a search for the post.

    a friend of mine has a 650 on cingular and he loves it. i personally choose verizon.
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    Who is paying the monthly bill? What is the unlimited data plan comparison? $20 a month savings on that is $480 over a 2 year contract. Sprint just came down to $249 for a 2 year contract.. . . .

    Cheers, Perry.

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