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    I think there's something to be said for a standard feel and navigation. I'd imagine that if Ports ever considered using your app as a default feed client it would be subject to that across-OS look/feel. Or perhaps a Preferences option for nav. Just a thought to stir in the creative pot.
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    Time for my counter-point: I don't really like sliding panels - at least not everywhere. When Enyo came out, everyone went crazy with them, and it got old fast. They are not right for every app.
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    I second that. I also don't really like sliding panels, especially on the phones... you'll switch panels by accident a lot. Especially if a panel has a scroller inside.
    Also on the TP they are suboptimal for such an app... make it show one panel in portrait mode and two fixed panels with list of headlines on the left and article view on the right in landscape mode... I'd make it similar to e-mail app... don't leave all of the panels visible if people want to dive into an article. That's just unnecessary distraction.

    Also the panels in other LuneOS apps like Preware or Memos are not very slideable and that's pretty much for the phone reason. Sliding panels just don't work well in portrait mode.

    That being said a slightly overhaul of the UI would be good still... I always disliked that Feeder added the backbutton in the header everywhere except on the article view... best would be to have it at the bottom always, because that's where my thumbs usually are operating. I'm pretty sure that this happened only because of the transition to the TP. Feeder was designed for phones originally and had no back buttons at all. Sure, for LuneOS this is not as imporant, because even the TP will gain a gesture area... but still it's not pretty.

    I'd add a toolbar to the bottom (which sadly gives some issues with scrolling and lists, but they are managable ). TBH I like the design with a toolbar at the bottom better... don't know... lists that connect to the bottom of the device somehow freak me out a bit..
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    The long awaited webOS port is here! For technical reasons, I'm not supporting phones at this time, and besides, the Mojo app really works better there anyways.

    It is fully compatible with webOS 3.x and should work with LuneOS, per the article from a couple of weeks ago. (Except maybe dashboard notifications, as I understand that LuneOS has not implemented the dashboard yet).

    I have submitted it to the app catalog, so you can either wait a couple of weeks and buy it from there to support a small developer, or if you can't wait, get it from here
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    Finally got my Touchpad updated to the latest version of LuneOS, and got a chance to test. It looks like LuneOS does not support running headless apps, so I've re-packaged versions of the app for webOS and LuneOS,and they are available here (webOS) and here (LuneOS).

    These are just minor compatibility tweaks, so if you're using the previous version on webOS, there is no pressing reason to upgrade.
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