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    Just a couple of days ago i upgraded my Palm Pre 2 GSM to WebOS 2.2.4 (OTA). Other than losing my favorite patches, everything seemed to work fine. However, just today I realized that when i type text and happen to misspell a word, it is correctly highlighted by text-assist but if I tap on it i don't get the different spelling options...

    I double checked the text assist app and everything is enabled but the auto correct option.

    Is anybody else experiencing this problem?

    Thank you!
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    so i finally doctored my pre 2 but text-assist will still not work

    nobody experiencing this on a Pre 2 GSM unlocked?
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    Pre 3 running 2.2.4 - Text Assist not showing alternatives for mispellings when Auto Correct off, which it did with 2.2.3.

    Works with Auto Correct on though.
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    it does indeed! However, I don't like having auto correct on....

    Oh well... I am glad to know I am not the only one with this problem ;-) The more people experiencing it, the greater the chances HP might come up with a fix...

    being hopeful here...
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    I too like the old way better. I am a lousy speller and with the new auto correct it showes words that arn't even close. I would rather it suggest words before just correcting them and let me choose. That way you can add to the diconary better/.
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    honestly this has to be a bug Having autocorrent on has gotten so many people into trouble! it would be madness

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