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    Hi sconix,

    I know you got your TP a few days ago... So how do you like it? and of course, the main question, any news about the MS progress?

    This is one of the last things Im missing on my TP to make it (almost) perfect... :-)

    I know you talk about it in some other threads, but I could not find one dedicated to it.. Sorry if I missed it and it already exists.

    Anyway, thank you for your great work. MS on my pre- was always the Nr# 1 application and now on my Pre3 I love it as well...

    and of course right after installing it on my TP I will be sending another donation (the third if Im not wrong :-) )


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    Check this out: User:Sconix - WebOS Internals

    Still in progress, not all he's working on. Donate now man, I just did.
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    I already did some time ago.. and still willing to do it again... but... I havent heard about MS 3 for a looong time... Its a few months if I remember well when we were told that something could be seen in a two weeks :-(

    So... any idea when it could be alpha/beta released?

    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walhalla2k View Post
    I havent heard about MS 3 for a looong time...
    anymore details available about MS 3 ?

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